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Welcome to the homepage of IOLib, the universal multiplatform IO library.
These are the most recent IOLib releases. If you want to download older IOLib versions, go to the SourceForge project page instead.

IOLib 5.0-pre1 source code

File: iolib-5.0-pre1.tar.gz
Description: IOLib unstable source code
License: GNU LGPL
Size: 38.1kB/91.5kB

IOLib 4.0c source code

File: iolib-4.0c.tar.gz
Description: Old IOLib stable source code
License: GNU LGPL
Size: 93.2kB/133.8kB

IOLib-Filters 4.0 source code

File: iolib-filters-4.0.tar.gz
Description: Old IOLib filter package
License: GNU LGPL
Size: 52.1kB/94.8kB
You can also get the latest IOLib CVS snapshot:

Or get it via anonymous CVS:
cvs login
cvs -z3 co iolib
cvs -z3 co iolib-filters