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Welcome to the homepage of IOLib, the universal multiplatform IO library.
The first preview release of IOLib 5.0 is now available! It includes the C++ and Objective C versions of IOLib.
This release features the new IOLib-Driver technology which enables you to extend IOLib easily.

Additional new features:
- error recovery functions
- fixed and improved filter support
- Darwin/MacOS X support
- .NET support
- many bugfixes
The following IOLib drivers are included in the package:
- ANSI file stream driver
- POSIX file stream driver
- Memory IO driver
- Zero driver (works like /dev/null)
- BSD sockets driver
- SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 drivers
- Windows 16-bit HFILE driver
- Windows 32-bit IO interface driver
- Qt QFile driver
- MFC CFile driver
Please note that this is an unstable release. It should not be used for production purpose. If you don't mind you can get the latest IOLib release at the downloads page!
A first IOLib 5.0 snapshot is now available via CVS. This includes only IOLib-C++. The C and ObjC version and the new Java and Perl versions will be checked in later.

New features:
- error recovery functions
- zero streams (STREAM_ZERO, works like /dev/null)
- filters can request more data if they run out of data
- Darwin/MacOS X support
- some bugfixes
Get the latest CVS tarball!
John Shue has submitted a patch for the top level Makefile that fixes a problem with Microsoft's nmake. You can get it here or check it out from CVS.
IOLib 4.0c is just a small bugfix release. It fixes a data corruption bug in InStream::InputLine. I have also applied a patch that should make IOLib work on SGI Irix.
I mainly worked on other projects in the last months. That's why the 5.0 tree is not in CVS, yet. It will be checked in in the next months.
This release fixes some memory leaks found by Parag Chandra and some bugs in the Objective-C library. It is source and binary compatible with version 4.0 and 4.0a.
I'm going to concentrate my efforts on IOLib 5.0 now. There will be new implementations in Perl and Java and a universal extension interface. The first public snapshots of the 5.0 tree will probably be available around december.
I made the 4.0a release today. It is source and binary compatible with IOLib 4.0 and includes some speedups for InputData/OutputData and InputString/OutputString.
I have released the final version 4.0 today. It comes with a new test application, more compatibility with string libraries and some bugfixes. I have added support for Windows HFILE handles and connections to open sockets, too. And that's only the changes to pre2! For a full list of changes see the IOLib documentation.
Grab the new release at the download page!
IOLib version 4.0-pre2 is now available. I have fixed many bugs and have ported the library to FreeBSD, Solaris and Tru64 Unix.
The final 4.0 release will follow later this month if I get enough feedback on this one.
The new redesigned IOLib homepage is now online. You can now read the documentation online and the IOLib forum is now public. Furthermore, you can access the IOLib CVS tree now.
Additionally, IOLib 4.0-pre2 will be available in two or three weeks.
IOLib 4.0-pre1 is now available! I have ported it to C and Objective C. The filter API has been modified to support compression/decompression filters and similar things.
Support for SOCKS v4/4A and v5 proxies has been added.
There are probably some new bugs in this release, but it seems to be working quite good - grab it and test it!
There's now an extra distribution of filters for IOLib. I will provide some advanced filters in the future. There's nothing much in this package for now, but it's a good example for writing filters for IOLib and everybody should have a look at it.
I released IOLib version 3.3 today. I fixed the compiler warnings and made some changes to speedup socket connections.
Version 3.2 is now available. Besides some speedups and bugfixes the release includes support for nonblocking sockets and a new base class for InStream and OutStream.
Release 3.1a is now available. It fixes some bugs found in version 3.1.
Hey, version 3.1 is now available for download. IOLib is now compatible with all CPU architectures (previous versions produced bad output on non-little-endian systems) and has been ported to BeOS, QNX, good old DOS, Cygwin, MSVC and Borland C++.
I've set up a new homepage for IOLib.
Release 3.0b is now available for download.